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Convert designs to the OpenRocket (ORK) format

For the moment OpenRocket can read and convert files to the Rocksim format (rkt). File using the SpaceCad format are not supported yet; if you want to convert a SpaceCad file you will need to redo manually the rocket design in OpenRocket.

OpenRocket can read a Rocksim file and when you save it it will be in the OpenRocket format (do not forget to change the file extension to .ork). Note that for the moment it is not possible to do it the other way round (unless you use the version under development but it is still a bit buggy). ie: you cannot convert an OpenRocket file to a Rocksim one! (still buggy but things are moving fast with OpenRocket).


There are 2 ways of converting your files:

- You open the Rocksim file in OpenRocket and you save it as an .ork

-You convert in batch mode by giving the path of the files to convert

from the command line just enter the following

java -cp OpenRocket.jar net.sf.openrocket.utils.RocksimConverter  "directory"
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